The Seasonal Spankings collections originate from various events held throughout the year on Anastasia Vitsky’s blog. For each event, a number of authors write flash fiction where spanking is the central theme. I don’t write much in the way of kink/BDSM, but I have fun with these shorts. All eventually will be revised and lengthened for future projects.

sci-spanks-ffd-2015-names-432x648Sci Spanks 2015 (Rope, short version) – Rope is the second flash fiction I’ve written featuring the intergalactic couple, Drommie and Captain Ez. I had so much fun writing SKIN for last year’s Sci Spanks that I wanted to continue their escapades. ROPE came to me as a natural kink method for them to try. As with SKIN, I will expand on this story some more, and maybe write a third if I’m asked to do another spanking event.


1767632Love Spanks 2015 (Spanking Sydney, short version) – Kit loves women, loves sex…and now she loves spanking.

This is a scene from my F/F novella, THE SWEETEST DARE. The novella in its entirety is available as part of the ARe OUT FOR YOU series.  This particular Love Spanks volume is all F/F erotic fiction with spanking elements.


1658314Spank or Treat 2014: (Simon, short version) – It’s best to pay for your purchases, or is it? Rik finds out the hard way.

Simon was inspired partly by an occult bookstore that used to exist in Jacksonville, Florida. I don’t know if any demons worked security there, though. MM pairing, with dubious consent.


1570892Sci Spanks 2014: (Skin, short version) – Sci Spanks 2014 offers fifteen sexy spanking stories from fifteen authors. You’ll find everything from sweet, tender romance to laugh-out-loud humor and references to old-school science fiction popular culture. You’ll find a mixture of romantic pairings, from M/F to F/F to M/M. Some stories are harsher, while others appeal to the softest-hearted romantic. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Skin came to me quickly after watching a science fiction television show. You could probably figure it out if you think about it. 🙂 MF pairing.