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All of Leigh’s free erotic short stories are available for download at All Romance ebooks:

Daring Hearts

Valentine’s Day in Dareville finds the Briscoes and Garristons sharing a cozy evening with a romantic dinner and a box of chocolates for dessert. This is no ordinary Whitman’s Sampler, they soon find as each little nibble inspires different cravings altogether. Sex is like a box of chocolates…so many varieties, and all of them delicious!

Dareville After Dark

This is your guide to Leigh Ellwood’s Dareville, the best-selling, award-winning erotic romance series! Leigh introduces you to the people to know, the stories to read, as well as a few sexy shorts thrown into the mix!

Sugar on Top

What happens when a werewolf with an appetite for lust finds an undercover reporter hiding in his pantry? A feast for all senses!

Sugar on Top is a companion story with Sweet Surprise.

Standing Guard

A lover dreams of reuniting with her soldier, standing guard far, far away in service of his country…

Sweet Surprise

Creepy Sierra Glade isn’t on the list of any delivery driver’s favorite stops, so when Josie is stuck bringing Dixie Belle Ice Cream to the local sweet shop the last thing she expects is a one-man barricade. Gorgeous, hunky Lur has issues with Dixie Belle and intends to take it out on poor Josie, one orgasm at a time.

Sweet Surprise is a companion piece to Leigh Ellwood’s Sugar on Top.